Karntama Mining Village

Place: Pilbara, Western Austalia  Products/Services: Entertainment System, Telephony, Wired and Wireless Networks

R-Group delivered an amazing accommodation entertainment and communication experience for FMG at the Karntama Mining Village. R-Group’s Mine Camp Entertainment System helps staff living and working in the dusty heart of WA to truly enjoy their down-time and remain connected to their home lives.

The R-Group Mine Camp Entertainment System (In-room Entertainment Platform) at Karntama Village features:

  • 70+ high quality movies on-demand.
  • IPTV: 12 FOXTEL and 6 Free to air channels.
  • Main Event TV channel (upon request).
  • In-room pre-paid telephone.
  • Wired Internet connection.
  • Two-way interactive menu, e.g: use the MCES and your credit card to top up your pre-paid phone account.
  • Camp site information: no more laminated A4 paper in the Dongas.
  • All this amazing functionality is supplied to no less than 1600 rooms and corresponding facilities.

R-Group takes care of all the Foxtel and Movie licensing as well as providing a regular supply of new release movie content to keep the all the workers happy.


Each room has a telephone that is connected to the R-Group pre-paid phone system. Guests can use an account or a phone card to make calls. An account is created and managed via the system and phone cards are purchased from the site shop.

The beauty of using an account is that guests can top up call credit with their own credit card. The phone system is connected to the system so guests simply use the TV remote to enter their credit card details and the funds are instantly and securely transferred to their phone account.

Internet and Data

At the Karntama site, residents have been provided the benefit of directly cabled internet connectivity to the room. R-Group have installed and connected each room with an ethernet cable facility to the room desk bypassing the need for sometimes challenging wireless communications.

Additionally to enhance the user experience, R-Group supply the Karntama site with data via a dedicated fibre optic service providing highly reliable bandwidth via Perth.


Our design and solution for Karntama begins with a solid foundation, a network infrastructure capable of handling the immense data traffic. 1600 rooms connect with copper to 44 switches that use fibre optics to connect to the central communications room.

R-Group were responsible for designing, coordinating and deploying the high speed, high security communications network for the site.

R-Group's Infotainment and Media System

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