Media Display

R-Group has proven capability in the deployment of digital signage solutions.

The solutions are highly adaptable, durable, and customizable for a variety of client deployments and applications. Whether it be the distribution of safety alerts across mine sites, retail digital advertising platforms, or a schedule of events at a hospitality venue, from indoor video walls to outdoor screen arrays, we provide the hardware and the platform to share important information to your chosen audience. By using the centralized management functions of our solution, content can be updated simply and instantly.

Digital Signage – Product Information

The digital signage platform allows the presentation of customised rich media including static images, short videos, and web content across multiple panels in various configurations.

With the central administration console, users are able to:

  • Schedule when to display content to multiple panels
  • Monitors the performance of key systems
  • Control endpoint operation (media players/panels).

Digital Signage – Benefits

  • Allows a larger audience¬†reach
  • Captures customer attention with movement
  • Enables rapid updates of information
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Enhances the built environment

Product Snapshot

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