Closing the loop on waste in our supply chain

Place: Telethon Kids Institute  Year: 2017  Services: End of life waste management, Community Engagement, Sustainability, Environmental Management

Telethon Kids Institute (TKI) recently identified end of life IT equipment for disposal. R-Group offered to manage the process to help release TKI time and resources by:

• Collecting all items and producing an inventory
• Testing equipment to identify pieces in working order;
• Donating useful items to Cecil Andrews School
• Recycling unusable items free of charge at Total Green Recycling

By embedding the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle principle to our operations we:
• Provided local children with ICT kit to help progress their learning
• Maximised materials recovered for reuse and reduced the amount of waste disposed to landfill
• Decreased the administrative and logistical burden on TKI


Steven Figliomeni the TKI Information Systems Lead reflects:

“TKI’s involvement with R-Group has been very positive. Their response times and support has been very good. Recently R-Group assisted TKI with the collection and re-purpose of a large number of older TKI IT equipment and redistribution of this equipment to other charities and groups. R-Group is also supporting TKI with an audit of the TKI server room to help improve the facilities in place and ensure the IT equipment housed at TKI meets industry standards. We look forward to the continued support R-Group provides to the Telethon kids Institute, especially during our transition to the new Perth Children’s Hospital in the near future.”


John Townley from Cecil Andrews commented:

“The donation of decommissioned IT equipment from R-Group to Cecil Andrews College has been a terrific boost to our ICT Practical lessons. We have students in Year 12 working with a CSIRO volunteer mentor from the Science and Mathematics in Schools Project on a Linux and Virtualisation project with the equipment. The donated hardware is perfect for students to setup Virtual Linux systems to learn software skills. Other students in Lower School are using the donated machines to pull apart and rebuild as STEM Projects.”

PCs and monitors for reuse

End of life hard drives for recycling
Old printers for learning opportunities

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