Pardoo Mine Site

Place: Pilbara, Western Australia  Products/Services: Wired Network, Design Services, Communications

R-Group works with Atlas Iron Ore to maintain all their computer, telephone and Foxtel systems at their Pardoo mine site village.

Two satellite links handle voice and Internet communications to the site. Satellite data bandwidth runs at a premium so the customer requested Internet and phone usage be metered. Guests must purchase Internet and phone cards to access the Internet and the pre-paid phone systems. R-Group setup and maintains the systems that handle the metering. We also provide the (credit) cards at the customer’s request.

Foxtel is supplied by analogue (coaxial) cable to the donga room TV’s. As we do for any customer R-Group handled the licensing, dish installation and decoder boxes setup, relieving the site management of much hassle.

All these systems are monitored from our Perth office with our managed services (helpdesk) staff available 7 days a week to take calls from the staff if they have any computer troubles.

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