Our mining industry solutions deliver high-performance accommodation entertainment, telecommunication solutions, and full fibre optic networking solutions onsite.  

Minesite Entertainment Solution

A future-proof entertainment and communication solution that can provide your on-site team with a “home away from home” environment to improve their quality of life whilst working away on remote mine sites.

Through constant innovation and research, our market-leading mining industry entertainment and content platform is a complete ICT solution, giving your mining workforce access to not only the latest in movies and entertainment but also access to key information relating to mine operations, personal health and wellbeing, weather alerts, OH&S systems, and emergency warnings.


Information at your fingertips 

Entertainment Content: Access the latest movies and entertainment for everyone to enjoy.

Health & Wellbeing: Providing your mining personnel with content from our wellbeing partners including Relationships WA, R U OK? And Beyond Blue.

Site-Specific Information: Offering your mining personnel access to induction modules, minesite activities, ongoing mine operations, updates from management, and minesite venue menus.

Weather and Safety: Ensuring that workers at mine sites are up to date with the latest local weather warnings and Occupational Health and Safety system alerts.

24/7 Local Support Team: Providing personnel and management with peace of mind through our reliable 24/7 local support team.

For an easy-to-manage minesite entertainment system that utilises the latest technology and hardware, contact R-Group to find out more about the wide range of technology solutions we provide the mining industry. No matter your project requirements, R-Group can develop and provide a solution that meets your business needs.

Mining Companies Telecommunications 

With many years of experience in providing information technology to the resources and mining industry, R-Groups innovative approach to network and telecommunications overcomes the significant challenges of traditional approaches to networking and telephony in the mining industry. We deliver technology systems and high-speed networks across regional Western Australia that improve productivity, increase efficiency, reduce operations costs, and ensures the safety of personnel.

Our telecommunications solutions and systems provide mining personnel with onsite internet and in-room phone connections so that they can keep in touch with their families whilst working onsite.

Service Delivery Platforms

As experts in providing information and communications technology solutions and systems to the mining industry, R-Group procure and deliver services that can run over the following delivery platforms:

  • Enhanced LTE (eLTE)
  • 3G/4G
  • GPON
  • Active Fibre
  • Metro-Ethernet
  • Satellite
  • Microwave

Complete ICT Solution for the Mining Industry

With a focus on innovation, R-Group specialise in providing complete ICT solutions to companies in the mining & resources industries. No matter the specific requirements of your company, our highly experienced team handle the implementation, management, and ongoing support for a range of ICT services and solutions. Improve safety, collect data, increase productivity and provide a better quality of life for your minesite employees with information technology solutions customised for your business and its daily operations.

Benefit from our years of experience providing reliable and cost effective ICT systems & services to the mining and resources industry. Get in contact with us today and learn more about the range of benefits our mining technology services can provide mining companies and their workforce.