Just wanted to say another THANK YOU to your amazing team. I spoke with one of your service desk technicians today and his patience and knowledge was totally outstanding. If the rest of the world behaved like your company the world would be a far better place. You have built a tremendous company and I’m so lucky to have been a small part of your journey.

Tully Real Estate Director - Thankyou to your amazing team!

Internet enquiries. Phone enquiries. Let the suffering begin!!

No. No. Not with R-Group. You will actually talk with a real person straight off! And that real person will solve your problem there and then. Really! Yes really! Always helpful. Always friendly. I highly recommend them. Old fashioned great service.

Highly recommended.

Peter Lawrence Hillview Lifestyle Village -

I’m really impressed with the quality of service that R-Group has been providing us, particularly in the area of keeping me updated with key information. A special thanks to the support team who took my call at 4 am in order to put an emergency weather announcement through the TV entertainment system. This update was critical for us in getting the right information out to residents when severe weather hit the village recently.

Mining Camp Manager - “Impressive Quality of Service”

Microsoft Teams works perfectly for us – thank you!

With offices in different countries, Microsoft Teams has been instrumental in allowing us to communicate and collaborate with each other quickly and efficiently!

Oil and Gas - Microsoft Teams

Lin and his team were amazing to deal with.  At times they faced very difficult circumstances but they always acted with impeccable professionalism and patience. I look forward to continuing working with the R-Group team as they continue to manage this service across our 10 Villages.

Whilst performing works on our mine site, R-Group were professional, neat, and tidy. All safety protocols were followed right down to having a shade umbrella set up!

We are so impressed with R-Group and their professional approach.



FMG - “Great work onsite!”

The recent tide of changes have not presented a simple environment to operate within; so, maintaining the accommodation block schedule is certainly a feat to remember.

Well done and a big thanks to yourself and the team and we look forward to the next milestone of the Wi- Fi project.

Mining Customer - “WiFi Mining Project”

We are really happy with our telephony service! Our Hosted Skype for Business System is great. It’s really reliable and does exactly what we need it to do to achieve successful business outcomes. We use it all the time!

Intelife - “Hosted Skype for Business’

This note is just to say how VERY impressed I am with your bundled internet and telephony service.

I suffered a (rare) Internet outage today – not solvable at this end – which meant a call to your Service Desk.  There I had the great pleasure of talking to your team.  WOW.  They not only cleared the fault but did so in the most charming and totally professional way.  You know how far my experience of customer service and business professionalism extends – and how critical I can be when something isn’t handled properly!  On this occasion, though, I cannot fault your team’s behaviour or performance in ANY WAY.  Their skills on every level were quite outstanding.

I express my thanks for providing the ethos and environment that allows your people to grow and expand.

Aged Care Resident - “Very Impressed!”

We would love to pass on our thanks to Phil and the R-Group team responsible for helping to facilitate our office move to the Perth CBD. We are impressed by how smoothly all aspects of the ICT systems were in terms of decommissioning and recommissioning and we recognize R-Group’s efforts to make that happen seamlessly!

Insurance Provider - “Perth CBD office move”

R-Group rocks!

This new service is the key to us being able to support other business groups in direct requirements which in turn supports hundreds of people affected by Corona Virus.

You won’t know it directly but this will make a difference to hundreds of Australians who have just returned home from overseas.

And you did it in one day – thank you all – absolutely outstanding.

WA Local Government - “R-Group rocks!”

We want to say thank you to your team for your time and technical support on our Surface Hub 2 Training.

Your patience and help were greatly appreciated by us all and will help us improve our business efficiencies with the technology.

WA Police - “Surface Hub 2 Training”