Digital Signage

We provide dynamic, centrally controlled digital signage systems for corporate and commercial venues.

R-Group offers a solutions focused approach to digital signage requirements centered on a completely customisable experience including WiFi, TV and guest services.

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Media Display

We have proven capability in the deployment of highly flexible, durable and customisable solutions for various applications and clients of a range of sizes. From indoor video walls to outdoor screen arrays, we provide the hardware and the platform to share information to a varied audience. As our system has centralized management functions, it allows for simple and instant updates which has wide ranging uses and has been applied in settings such as arenas and stadia, hotel and conference venues and the retail industry across metropolitan, regional and remote regions of WA.


Product Information

The platform allows the presentation of rich media including static images, short videos and web content across multiple panels in various configurations.

Content can be scheduled and published to panels in specific orders and timings to multiple panels/arrays at different locations from a central administration console.

Health monitoring of key systems including performance, content displayed and connectivity can be viewed centrally. Additionally endpoints (media players/panels) may be centrally controlled to dictate state or initiate adjustments to operation.

We are knowledgeable on the complex rules and guidelines for each software manufacturer on your behalf and make sure you renew on time, without penalty.

We ensure that you get value from your licensing programs by being correctly licensed, knowing what you are licensed for, the associated costs, and the choices that best suit your business environment.

Benefits of our service
  • Allows a larger audience reach

  • Captures customer attention with movement

  • Enables rapid updates of information

  • Increases brand awareness

  • Enhances the built environment

Product Snapshot

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