Working in our industry is rewarding but can at times be very stressful and challenging and we want  R-Group to be as much as possible a safe and enjoyable place to work. It’s important that we recognize the clear benefits of a mentally healthy workplace – for our people, our business and the broader community. The statistics are a worry, stating:

  • One in five Australian workers is currently experiencing a mental health condition
  • Untreated depression and anxiety result in more than 6 million lost working days every year.

We also know that a sense of stigma and fear of discrimination sometimes prevents people from speaking openly and seeking the support they need at work.

It was a great source of pride for R-Group to recently attain Bronze recognition for Workplace Health and Wellbeing and in that same spirit we’re looking to ensure we are also providing a mentally healthy workplace for every member of our team.

As part of that commitment we are launching our approach during Mental Health Week commencing on Monday the 8th October to Friday 12th October and will continuously pursue mental well-being as an integral part of our commitment to a healthy workplace.

Besides it being part of good corporate citizenship and a genuinely team focused approach, having a team of people who feel good at work creates camaraderie and a general sense of well-being which leads to good productivity and better business outcomes. Therefore we have put together a range of activities and information which will be available during Mental Health Week and will be ongoing.

During this week we have:

  • Opened the dialogue
  • Released a draft Mentally Healthy Workplace Policy for staff to feed into
  • Provided contact details of available community support resources
  • Delivered Mental Health Awareness training to staff
  • Held a team building scavenger hunt
  • Shared an RU OK snack break
  • Released a Staff Satisfaction Survey
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Team SOC
Team NOC
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