Teaming Up for Collaboration 2019 Event

R-Group recently hosted an exclusive industry event ‘Teaming up for Collaboration’ on Friday the 18th October at the Westin Hotel. The event was held in conjunction with R-Group Partners Microsoft and Poly (formerly Polycom) and Vendors; Exclusive Networks and Synnex.

The event saw a wide representation of industry sectors including the Public, Recreational, Resourcing and the Manufacturing Sector to name a few.

The night focused on Collaboration in the Modern workplace and provided the opportunity for decision makers to understand future technologies and products currently available to help meet the needs of the ever-changing modern workplace requirements.

The event featured three speakers to discuss the tools and business approaches that are required to meet the needs of the modern workforce.

Andrew Fullagar (Pre- Sales Engineer from Poly) opened up the discussion around the types of modern working that we see today in which workers tend to be more flexible and remote in their day to day operations and are not always at a fixed workstation. He introduced Poly’s range of headsets (including the new Elara 60, the Voyager 6200, the Voyager 8200 and the Voyager B825) along with the Polycom Collaboration Trio. Poly have adopted a forward thinking approach that allows users to purchase these devices now that will be suitable for future software releases.

Mathew Gilbertson (Microsoft Consultant from TabletPC) provided an overview of current time consuming business practices that result in duplication of efforts through the use of several different business mediums simultaneously. He addressed the concern that users are losing not only focus but time in their day by multi-tasking through the use of technological distractions. He demonstrated how to effectively combine business efforts into one single workstation (such as a Tablet or notebook device) and pen through the features of Microsoft’s OneNote.
To conclude the formal presentations, Balmik Soin (Technical Director from R-Group) introduced R-Group’s new suite of services surrounding Microsoft Teams and the technical process in which R-Group can assist organisations in rolling out Microsoft Teams to its users on R-Groups hosted Cloud platform environment. He discussed the tight integration into Sharepoint, Exchange and Microsoft Apps and also discussed Microsoft’s wider collaboration approach that allows Teams users to collaborate with non-Microsoft users utilising the Microsoft Teams software.

Balmik outlined the options for organisations in terms of choosing the right UC platform that will best suit their organisations needs. Customers have the choice of diving straight into the Microsoft Teams suite or have the option of starting off on the Hosted Skype for Business platform before transitioning over to Microsoft Teams in the future.

Following the presentations, attendees had hands on opportunities to interact with current and future product releases with guidance from leading tech experts in their respective fields.

Overall, the event was successful and R-Group were able to share the knowledge of the Microsoft roadmap and how to best deal with the changes of modern work environments for the WA Business community through the use of telephony and business practices.

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