Claremont Football Club 2022 Sponsorship

R-Group are kicking goals with the Claremont Football Club, sponsoring the organisation for the second year in a row.

While R-Group works with communities all over Australia helping to keep families connected through its communications technology in everything from remote mine sites to aged care homes, Operations Director at R-Group, Josh Newton, said it was important to extend that sense of connection into the local community.

At R-Group the values of family and community are very centric to how we operate. We feel it’s important to invest in things that will contribute positively to the social fabric of our community and local sport is a fantastic way to achieve this. The Claremont Football Club does an amazing job of bringing people together, whether that’s the players and their families or the community at large through a common love of the game. When one of R-Group’s team members had their son accepted into the Colts team it created a natural fit, bringing together those elements of community and family.

It’s an absolute honor to sponsor such an important part of the WA local sporting community once again, and it’s a great pleasure to be working alongside the Claremont Football Club for the 2022 WAFL Season.

R-Group are proud to represent an organisation with a passionate and strong heritage, and a passion for strengthening communities and improving the health of many young West Australians.

“Community sports are an incredibly important part of our society, helping to develop resilience, healthy bodies and minds and keeping people connected, particularly for younger people,” Josh says.

“We hope our sponsorship of the Claremont Football Club can play a small part in nurturing a healthy community.”

Go Tigers!

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