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Dongas or office blocks--no functional room is complete without a telephone. The R-Group telephone system provides guests and staff affordable call rates to friends and family, and allows your administration people to get on with the task at hand.

Phone options

Our telephones and billing system can be configured in a variety of modes:

Guest pre-paid

Preferred by most mining sites, our pre-paid phone system requires the guest or worker to pre-purchase credit in order to make outbound calls.

Calls can be made via a simple electronic account or by buying a traditional 'scratch panel' phone-card on-site.

Accounts topped up by credit card are popular with returning and long-term staff, while phone cards have proven to be more convenient for short-term stays.

Guest post-paid

Calls can be made by the guests at any time during their stay, and the cost is then charged to them at check-out, similar to the system used by most hotels. 

Office phones

We can also outfit your office and administration areas with telephones at very competitive call rates. This includes not only voice calls, but also faxing capability, a feature often overlooked by our competitors due to the inherent complexity of achieving reliable fax services on a network phone system.

Internet requirements

R-Group utilises Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology for our telephony solution, which means that your phone system operates over the Internet. The number of simultaneous calls you can make and the quality of the audio, is be determined by the size and type of your Internet connection. To this end we can assess your network and connectivity to provide a best practice solution to suit your business.


R-Group phones can be integrated with the R-Group entertainment system. For example, credit card payments for the pre-paid phone credit are made via a secure on-screen form. This on-screen design makes the process fast and simple, increasing user acceptance and uptake. 

For more information call (08) 6555 1111 or email