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Managing Director's Statement

R-Group International has always been about understanding.

As we have developed, we have always had a clear objective to understand and deliver on the needs of our customers, our partners and our personnel. Information and Communication Systems are all about the end user experience. These are the things which (in most cases) facilitate rather than define your business.

Not only is it important to very clearly understand the technology and how it functions, but what it means to the people who use it. How are they using it and why? What is important to them and how can we improve their experience? Is there a better way?

This fundamental principal of understanding has guided us on a path of success in delivering hundreds of successful projects of varying scales, finding technology solutions for customers in need and building a team of highly skilled professionals.

Since R-Group was first founded, I have witnessed the company grow and evolve and hold great pride in the ethical standards, professional values and home grown success we have achieved through hard work and innovation. This would not have been possible without the support of our customers, partners and people, and I must extend a heartfelt thanks to those who have positively contributed to our growth and development over these many years.

To those who have not experienced the level of understanding that R-Group can bring to your project or operation, I invite you to contact us and experience it first-hand.

Warm regards

Joshua Newton - Managing Director | R-Group International