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Private Mobile Network

In some of Australia’s most remote locations, where mainstream mobile service providers often fail to deliver useful services, R-Group International’s innovative private 3G network has revolutionised the way you communicate.

Establish your own private mobile network anywhere, and allow local users from any carrier to connect to a privately managed corporate network via 3G technology. This means that you can control who connects to your network, and how the system is used.

Not only can your private 3G network integrate with an existing PBX or VoIP phone system, but in addition would also allow you to:

  • provide guest users with prepaid access at no cost to you
  • make all your inter office calls free of charge
  • use on-site telemetry to locate your personnel
  • broadcast text and multimedia messages for general site-wide communication
  • broadcast emergency messages in seconds
  • utilise mobile data services through your high-speed corporate network.

Features of R-Group’s private mobile network

  • It’s a secure, entirely private, mobile network, without the need for a carrier.
  • It provides voice, and a comprehensive range of data services, including text.
  • Our compact radio transmitters provide a coverage range from a few hundred metres to several kilometres.
  • We provide support for a wide range of handsets including Android. 
  • We offer a flexible network environment, accommodating permanent and guest users.
  • You can make voice calls, handset-to-handset or handset to SIP.
  • Push-to-talk functionality, similar to a 2-way radio, available with compatible handsets.

R-Group’s enabling system can be operated as a standalone, independent mobile network, or it can be connected to the outside world via satellite, IP, or the conventional telecommunications network.

User benefits

  • Cost effective and reliable mobile service in remote areas.
  • Low power consumption and  minimal civil engineering required.
  • Local interconnect from mobile and fixed line phones.
  • Service resiliency for emergencies and backhaul link failure.
  • Support for in-roamers in addition to permanent own-network users.

For more information call (08) 6555 1111 or email