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Entertainment System

Easy to use and fully featured, our Mine Camp Entertainment System (MCES) has been developed for the resource industry over the past five years.  MCES delivers both entertainment and communication options that will provide comfort and safety to your staff during their precious free time.

Movies, Foxtel, TV, music and more...

More than TV and Foxtel, MCES can support: movies, news feeds, weather, site induction videos, camp site information and more.

MCES is scaleable, modular and customisable. You the customer are free to pick and choose what media, information and services are available to your audience. 

Easy to use

Our system has been designed for everyday people from mums to granddads, and even the technologically impaired. It's simple and intuitive. We have designed and refined the user experience to maximise acceptance and eliminate complaints from your workers.

Contact to see a video of our system in action.

TV and Foxtel

Satellite delivers free-to-air television and your choice of Foxtel channels. We handle all the negotiations with Foxtel on your behalf, so all you need to do is tell us which channels you want and we will do the rest.


Everybody loves movies and remote workers are no exception. Our movie delivery system is available in two models, namely Free-to-guest and Pay-per-view. Free-to-guest gives workers free reign to watch as many movies as often as they like, while Pay-per-view allows you to transfer the cost of the movie to the user each time a movie is viewed. 

Phone integration

The R-Group MCES can optionally be integrated with our pre-paid phone system, allowing users to add credit, check call history and manage their pre-paid account. Read more about room phones.

For more information call (08) 6555 1111 or email