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Digital Signage

R-Group’s digital signage solution is the most effective way to spread important information to the people in your remote workers’ village. Display news, announcements and emergency content instantly across your network on targeted panels. It’s easy to use and has the power and flexibility to achieve your communication objectives.

With digital panels strategically positioned around your camp village, you’ll have real-time information flow to all areas, including your dry-mess, wet-mess, walkways or reception. This enables management to instantly address staff and visitors, greatly improving communication efficiency compared to the paper flyer or word of mouth method still used in many camps.

When combined with R-Group's village entertainment system, all your digital communications will also be displayed on in-room televisions, with the ability to overlay the TV display for instant emergency broadcasts.

Emergency warning

A cyclone is coming! You need to alert hundreds of people at your village to take precautionary action. With R-Group’s digital signage system you can override general announcements with priority emergency information, and directly broadcast warnings to all digital panels on your site.

The cyclone has arrived but thankfully everyone is safe in their rooms. Avoid further panic and confusion by keeping workers informed and updated of the emergency situation. If you are using R-Group’s entertainment system, your emergency message can also be overlayed on the in-room television broadcast, keeping everyone informed whether they are watching a television show or movie, or listening to the radio.


  • Easy to use management interface.
  • Multi-channel capability with separate channels for events, announcements, news or custom categories.
  • Support for uploading and showing images and other graphics; great for displaying event information.

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